hmmm i'm still waiting for my ring! yes, i buy it with my friend! hahaha, i like it. made from acrylic. mm do you know what it's? i got no an idea too! hahaha.. my english is not too well. yeah, well, i'm still learnin' deeper about this one. mm, by the way, back to the first topic, about my ringo! oh ya, aquapix! yawayayaya i'm waitin' on it too! aquapix and ring. well, i don't know, when they will come to me. ohh i'm attracting with a dress. this's a simple dress and only a simple dress. floral, there are two colours. peach and white. i adore to the white one. hahaha i call it 'adore'. i've a many wishes! i want : boots, floral dress, floral skirt, blazer. and.. mm, i adore to the blazer one. well, i think i have to wait for a short time. to do what? ssstt. i can't tell you know. see you later good bye

today, february, 17th 2011

Dona Sunandi :)

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